Before she died in October of 1998 Lyn Robertson set her own version of her family's ordeal to paper. It was a long and arduous task for her, often tearful and always difficult, written from the heart in her own inimitable way. She called it "Reach for a Rainbow."

 It was always her ambition to have her work published and was still working on it at the time of her death. She also wrote quite a collection of poetry, some of it with Douglas and wrote a psalm which we used in her funeral service at the request of the vicar

 One of the very few people to have ever read her work, was film director Joseph Strick (James Joyce Ulysses , Ring of bright water) who was moved to tears by her words. 

 You might ask why write another account of an already well written and well covered event?

Everyone who lives through such an event will draw from it an experience different from that of others, present at the same event. 
What were her thoughts as a mother?
What kept her going through her darkest moments?
What secrets were never told in the first book?
Which events were too painful to talk about?
What about too strange to believe!


Lyn surrounded by notes, photo's and news paper clippings writing her book. She was self taught in computer skills and this project had great theraputic benefits for her.

Read the 1st Chapter of Reach for a Rainbow here

 Lyn and Sandy flew out to Australia of their own volition to watch the film of Survive the savage Sea being made. They had a great time watching themselves 'in action' and meeting the cast, who were just as fascinated to meet some of the real survivors of the story.

Lyn with David & Dylan - the boys who played Neil & Sandy in the film - they are holding a dorado fish made specially for the production        

Lyn with Ali Macgraw who took her part in the story